The band would like to thank the following people for all their help, past, present and hopefully future in all matters Rusty Creek

Tim Hearsey ~ Producer/Engineer/Musician

Tim's help over the years producing, recording and even playing on certain tracks is immeasurable. The quality we achieve in our finished work is due to this man.

Jamie Bray ~ Benefactor

Jamie's generous support has made many of our recordings and videos possible.

Laurence Knight ~ Musician

Laurence (of Tiller's Folly) has contributed his outstanding upright bass playing to Claude & Mary and White Sails played the electric bass on Emma.

Dave Webb ~ Musician

Dave has performed with Rusty Creek many times and lent his excellent organ and piano skills on several tracks.

Shona Ellis ~ Photographer

Shona has a been a huge supporter of the band since day one. In fact she took pictures at the very first rehearsal. Her excellent photos are featured throughout the web site.

Andy Cotton ~ Photographer

Andy's amazing shots of the band are featured throughout the web site and are used extensively on the home page and in the footer carousel.

Shawn Soucy ~ Videographer/Musician

Shawn has contributed his awesome drumming skills in performance and produced the videos, Pretty Little Things, Hard To Be A Hero and Claude and Mary.

Lucie Walker ~ Videographer/Musician

Although busy writing, recording and producing her own awesome songs and videos, Lucie also produced and edited the White Sails, Curve of Time, Hot Nights, Hello Old Friend, Bombs Away and Lookin' for Blue Skies videos.

Michael Shau ~ Live Streaming/Musician

Until recently Michael ran an online streaming site called 'Mikey's Place'. Rusty Creek was fortunate enough to be included in the many excellent broadcasts.

Chris Nordquist ~ Musician

Chris was gracious enough to play drums, percussion and washboard on several tracks and has performed live with the band on many occasions.

Gary Comeau ~ Musician

Gary played with us live lending his considerable talents on fiddle and accordion.

Kathy McIntyre ~ Musician

Kathy has graced us with her amazing voice on several tracks.

Mark Fanchr ~ Graphic artist/Videographer

In the early days Mark composed several posters featuring the band and also produced and edited the Looking Back video.

Debra Peters ~ Musician

Over the years Deb has contributed her awesome accordion playing to both live performances and the following recordings: Looking Back (song), Mr. Blues and Hot Nights.

John Doheny ~ Musician

John has collaborated with us on an upcoming tune and video, supplying an entire horn section all the way from New Orleans. Hot stuff!

Deb Robson ~ Manager

Deb's devotion to the band and all things Rusty Creek is immeasurable.

Davey Longworth ~ Poet/Emcee

Davey graciously emceed one of our early shows, injecting his wonderful cowboy poetry throughout the event.

Mike Sanyshyn ~ Musician

Mike contributed the amazing fiddle track to our video White Sails.

Joel Hanna ~ Musician

Joel played bodran and performed the incredible percussion track on White Sails.

Dan Yard ~ Musician

Dan was the first bassist with Rusty Creek and helped launch the band. He has also helped considerably with recording over the years.

Sue Baines ~ Musician

Sue has leant her incredible skills on accordion and vocals to many Rusty Creek performances and recordings. Thank you once again.

Mavis McCauley ~ Musician

Mavis has contributed her amazing vocal skills to several Rusty Creek recordings. Thanks again.

Cecille LaRochelle ~ Musician

Cecille contributed her incredible vocal skills to Hello Old Friend and Kitchen Party. Thanks again.