“Rusty Creek draws from a deep well of influences that, in their hands, sound completely original and yet warmly familiar. Their songs range from the fiddle-driven kitchen party stomp (the aptly named “Kitchen Party”) to reflective storytelling (“Emma”). They draw the listener in at every melodic and rhythmic turn.”

Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats

“From Newfoundland to New Orleans and everything in between, Rusty Creek’s “The Road Of Life” dazzles! A roller coaster ride of original tunes that suit every Soul! Blues, Ballads, and everything in between will delight and entrance you! World Class!”

“Alex and Rusty Creek’s new album is a classic adventure into real music, real songs and real stories Stellar musical choices made throughout, along with excellent, flawless musicianship and mastery make this album a perfect road trip experience. This listener LOVES this album!”

“Ride along as the Vancouver roots quartet share their inviting sophomore album.”

Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist


Introducing Rusty Creek, the Canadian Roots band that flawlessly blends the best of Americana, folk-rock, country blues, bluegrass, and Cajun music. Hailing from Canada, this talented group takes inspiration from diverse musical genres and transforms them into a captivating fusion of sound that is truly their own.

Rusty Creek’s music is a dynamic mix of foot-stomping folk-rock rhythms, soulful country blues melodies and the infectious energy of bluegrass and Cajun traditions. Their repertoire features a collection of original compositions that showcase their exceptional musicianship and knack for storytelling.

With a lineup of skilled musicians on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, dobro, upright bass, and percussion, Rusty Creek creates a sonic experience like no other. Their intricate instrumental arrangements, tight vocal harmonies, and infectious stage presence will have audiences on their feet and dancing along in no time.

With their unique fusion of styles and undeniable stage presence, Rusty Creek is an absolute must-listen for anyone seeking an unforgettable musical experience.

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Review of “Road of Life” CD release party by Shawn Soucy

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Rusty Creek
Rusty Creek

Rusty Creek Trio with Dave Webb

Rusty Creek


Released May 21, 2023

Released Aug 24, 2022

Released Jul 1, 2021

Released Oct 11, 2022

Released Nov 21, 2020

Rusty Creek Live Videos



Released June, 2021. All about Alex’s musical adventures in New Orleans with his musician friend John Doheny when they visited the French Quarter together, and did a 6 hour pub/nightclub crawl. Length 4.09

Released October, 2019.  Alex’s ideas about life in general.  How people come in and out of your life. Length 3.26

Released December 3, 2021. Alex’s heritage is Newfoundland, he heard a CBC Radio interview a while back, Rick Mercer and Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea), they had a discussion about kitchen parties, and Alex wanted to write a happy rowdy kitchen party song that people could sing along to.  Length 2.49

Released Jan 29, 2021. Alex’s philosophy about time, the song is named after the book of the same name, all about his hikes in the Stein Valley.  Length 5.43

Released April, 2020. True story about Alex’s relationship the 2 years he lived with his birth father, Claude, in Prince Rupert. Length 5.34

Released Sept, 2023. About growing up in Vancouver in the ’50s and early ’60s, but it could be any city. The song is about the past, but it also refers to what living in the same place today is like. Harkens back to a time when most families were nuclear and homelessness was less common. Length 3.34


Released June, 2022

Released July, 2018.


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