Guitar, banjo, resonator guitar, lap and pedal steel, vocals.

Peter was born in England and emigrated with his family in 1967 spending the next 10 years in Victoria BC. He developed a love for both guitar and 5 string banjo in the early 1970s and played his first professional gig in 1975. He moved to London, England in 1977 initially to pursue a solo career as singer/songwriter but was soon captivated by the exploding music scene of the day.

In 1979 he formed the Sore Points with his old drummer friend Malory Temple also of Victoria BC. Playing an aggressive brand of post punk power pop they played the popular London clubs of the time and released a single in 1981. Relocating back to North America the same year, they attempted to launch themselves on the Los Angeles music scene but personnel issues caused them to disband shortly thereafter.

Moving to Vancouver in 1982, Peter played with the rockabilly/roots group, Buddy King and the Motion, in and around the Lower Mainland. After a brief hiatus he then helped Alex Deeth form NQR, a nine piece original horn band releasing a CD in 1988.

Since then he has played in a variety of musical groups spanning multiple genres including Bluegrass, Country, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and R&B. Peter has also performed as a solo jazz guitarist and also plays guitar with the 10-piece Westside Swing Band based in New Westminster B.C.

In 2016 the opportunity to bring it all together came when he formed Rusty Creek with his old band mate Alex.